Introducing the CS 8100. Invisible sophistication. Visible simplicity.

Sophisticated technology made thoughtfully simple.

The new CS 8100—the sleek and simple panoramic unit that’s ideal for everyday use. Blending advanced, sophisticated technology in an extremely simple and compact system, the CS 8100 makes positioning easier, image acquisition faster, and higher image quality more accessible. It’s exactly what you need to have more accurate and real-time diagnoses.

  • Extremely simple and compact system
  • Perfect for everyday panoramic needs
  • Effortless high-quality digital results
  • Digital panoramic result available in 10 seconds
  • Easily adjustable for patients of all sizes and wheelchair accessible

Effortless high-quality results.

The machine provides precise and effortless height adjustments and silent movements.
An open design, face-to-face positioning and transparent support with integrated handgrips facilitate proper positioning, and help to feel secure and less claustrophobic or confined. You will appreciate the convenience of a faster, more comfortable exam. And the exam will be safer for you as well, requiring a lower dose compared to traditional panoramic systems.

The CS 8100 provides sharp, high-quality, artifact-free images. Latest software processing algorithms minimize spinal column shadows and produces clear and sharp digital images, ready almost immediately for your review.

With just one click, the doctor can even enhance image contrast and sharpness using powerful artifact-free filter. This filter prevents the creation of dark halos that are often mistaken for caries, lesions or bone loss around radio opaque areas.

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