CLEAR-ALIGNER – the impressive concept of invisible splints for orthodontic treatment

clear-alignerCorrecting the position of teeth with aesthetic high-quality splints has developed into an important area of therapy in orthodontics, particularly for the treatment of adults.

CLEAR ALIGNER splint system is an impressive and comprehensive therapy concept that has been successfully tested in numerous clinical cases.

The individual components of CLEAR ALIGNER splint system provide you with the opportunity to carry out the full splint therapy procedure: from diagnostics and therapy planning to the final effect.
CLEAR ALIGNER splints mean you can keep your attractive appearance.
Other people will hardly notice you are wearing a splint, because the CLEAR ALIGNER splint is transparent and smooth, without any screws or brackets.

An elegant way to correct your teeth – with lots of benefits for you

  • The CLEAR ALIGNER splint is clear and transparent, almost invisible. You can talk and laugh without restrictions or impediment.
  • The high-quality splint makes your mouth feel good. It is pleasantly smooth, with no screws or wires.
  • You can take the splint out at any time and put it in again quickly and easily, e.g. when eating or cleaning.
  • You can easily keep the CLEAR ALIGNER splint clean, e.g. using toothpaste and tooth brush.
  • The splint treatment achieves optimal and accurate results in a short period of time.


Course of treatment:

1. Consulting the orthodontist
Discuss your possible treatment using the CLEAR ALIGNER system with the doctor.

2. Taking impressions
Impressions of your upper and lower jaw form are the basis for producing a perfectly fitting splint.

3. Producing the splint 

The splints are accurately and individually produced for you in the lab.

4. Treatment
Your orthodontist regularly monitors the progress of the treatment throughout the time you wear your splint, and from time to time will take new impressions in order to achieve the best result.