chmury chmury chmury balon In ŁUBA DENTAL CLINIC we care about every detail.
Professional team, designed interiors and atmosphere inside
let the Patients feel special as soon they cross the threshold of the clinic.
The Clinic
Adrian F. Łuba
Adrian F. Łuba dentist, owner of ŁUBA DENTAL CLINIC prosthodontics, cosmetic dentistry
Marta Kowalska-Wójcik dentist conservative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, prosthodontics, pediatric dentistry
Beata Kowalczyk dentist, first degree of specialization in the field of general dentistry conservative dentistry, endodontics
Janusz Sołowiej implantologist implants, surgery, prosthodontics
Aneta Chmielnicka dentist microscope endodontics, conservative dentistry
Sylwia Olszewska dentist, specialization in the field of conservative dentistry with endodontics microscope endodontics, cosmetic dentistry, conservative dentistry
Magdalena Przybysz implantologist implants, surgery, prosthodontics, periodontics
Katarzyna Rudolf-Urasińska doctor of medical sciences, dentist aesthetic medicine
Wojciech Żebrowski physioterapist physioterapy of temporo-mandibular joints
Magdalena Pieniążek dentist, orthodontist specialist orthodontics

Opening my own dental clinic was always my dream. Then it became a goal. I knew complete dental care and the highest level of service was the base of my idea, but I wanted more. I wanted to create a place which would make the patient’s well-being and comfort the center of attention, providing them with a friendly environment and surrounding them with beauty.

This is why in ŁUBA DENTAL CLINIC every detail is of utmost concern.

Family tradition played an important part in the creation of ŁUBA DENTAL CLINIC – my grandfather, Leon Łuba, was a dentist and his values were an important inspiration to me. My father, Franciszek Łuba, runs his own private dental practice. Their knowledge and experience allowed me to build a place I am proud of. Its best testimony can be seen in the smiles of our patients.


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Clear Aligner

Correcting the position of teeth with aesthetic high-quality
splints has developed into an important area of therapy
in orthodontics

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Teeth grinding treatment. Treatment comfort and fast results.
The pressure appears during sleep can lead to fracture of teeth, crowns and enamel
and gnashing on the chewing surfaces causes abrasion of teeth

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Jana Karola Chodkiewicza 8 Street,
02-593 Warsaw

reservation & information: 515 602 408, 22 646 31 81

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